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Why is it that no one ever calls out leftists on their racism? Certainly the brain-dead, corrupt, establishment Republicans don’t do so, for they so want to be liked by the progressive media that they will not say anything to offend them.

Leftists pride themselves on fighting bigotry and racism, but if you look closely you can see that such activity revolves around blacks and Hispanics (actually, some Hispanics). They are perfectly happy, on the other hand, being openly racist towards Asians, Cubans, and of course, whites.

"It underlines how far the rot has set in that nowadays these racist statements and actions are considered routine, and in some areas of the country, normal."

It should be obvious to anyone who hasn’t been lobotomized by our education system that affirmative action is a blatantly racist policy. This means that Asians and whites are routinely discriminated against in college admissions. The former case is curious, because even though they are classified as a minority, Asians are still discriminated against via affirmative action. Thus, in order to be admitted to an Ivy League university, Asians need SAT scores 140 points higher than whites, 270 points higher than Hispanics, and 450 points higher than blacks.[1]When whites complain, they are sneered aside, while Asian complaints are met with silence and an attitude of wishing they would just go away, being so embarrassing. Still, for years Asians, whether from India or China or Japan or Korea, have complained of being discriminated against in admissions to Ivy League and other elite universities. Having finally had enough, a group of Asians is suing Harvard. Finally, Asians are also discriminated against when it comes to trying to obtain jobs in certain universities.

So, what’s the left’s reaction to this palpable racist discrimination? Leftists follow their usual policy of erecting a Berlin Wall of silence; after all, they dominate the media. Contrast this silence with the widespread leftist outrage regarding sportscaster Anthony Federico, who referred to Jeremey Lin, an Asian basketball player, as “the chink in the armor.” Leftist outrage, you see, is very selective. Another tactic has been to unilaterally declare Asians to be Caucasians. For instance, California’s pendejo politician, Luis Alejo, declared that Asians are not “people of color,” a rather silly view that has also been propagated by The New York Times.

Cubans are another minority that leftists discriminate against. But, unlike with Asians, leftists passionately hate Cubans. Why? First, because having experienced Communism firsthand, we are staunch anti-Communists, whereas leftists aim to bring about totalitarianism. The media goes out of its way to avoid reporting any negative news about the Communist regime in Cuba, since the two murderous psychotics, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, have always been idols of leftists. Second, because even though we came to this country with only the shirts on our backs, we have become bank presidents, university professors, business executives, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and scientists, instead of staying in the mud and blaming everyone else for our troubles. Third, because (to my knowledge) no Cuban has ever whined about being discriminated against. Fourth, because we do well in school. Fifth, because we do not hate America—on the contrary. (To be sure, there may be exceptions to this rule.)

Note that doing well in school and being successful in society, besides being a trait shared with Asians, negates a holy leftist premise: namely, that if you are a minority, you are automatically oppressed and cannot succeed. Here, then, is another reason why leftists do not really like either minority.

Being opposed to leftist prejudices, Cubans have been consistently portrayed in a negative light in books, newspapers, magazines, and movies. When celebrity progressives, from Dan Rather to Michael Moore to Bill Mahr, mention us on TV, it is often to say something disparaging. During the Elián González mess, there were vicious comments over the airwaves and in print about Cubans because González’s family resisted returning the boy to a Communist regime. And before Donald Trump received the concentrated hatred of leftists, it was Cuban Senator Ted Cruz who was the recipient of constant character assassination throughout the mainstream media. Cruz was the first Hispanic to run for President, but of course leftist journalists and reporters did not celebrate this.

From the 1950s to the 1970s, if you had a German accent, leftists labeled you a Nazi. In most post-war films made during that time which included a person or persons with a German accent, the villain turned out to be a German. For example, in the original book, The Satan Bug, the would-be mass murderer was an Italian, but in the movie, the character was a German. During that same time, leftists also despised people who spoke with a Southern accent as racist and inbred. In fact, network news reported with approval on schools that taught Southerners how to shed their accents and thereby become more “civilized.” Needless to say, the journalists who covered this subject did so with the utter lack of self-awareness and arrogance that characterizes left-wing journalism. During the Carter and Clinton administrations, this bigotry was considerably toned down. Even so, it persists to some degree.

And now we come to the most disgusting, the most blatant examples of leftist racism, that directed towards whites—usually by other whites. Certainly this is the weirdest type of leftist racism, insofar as it is self-racism:

–University of Pittsburgh Professor Shanara Reid-Brinkley, speaking at the University of Wisconsin, stated that democracy was built on “anti-blackness,” and claimed that white people are the cause of all the world’s problems because they’re in charge. (Presumably, all those problems would disappear the moment that blacks are in charge, as in Africa.)

Professor Gregory Jay, a lily-white professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is calling for the “abolition of whiteness.”

–Carmen Goséy, the chair of the University of Wisconsin-Madison student government, said “all white people are racist.” Which is itself a racist statement. In this same university one can enroll in the racist course “The Problem of Whiteness,” taught by Damon Sajnani of the African Cultural Studies Department, all at taxpayers’ expense.

–Black students at Pitzer College targeted white girls with racist graffiti regarding jewelry. Pitzer President Melvin Oliver defended the racism and, for good measure, condemned free speech.

Johnny Eric Williams, Associate Professor of Sociology at Trinity College in Hartford, calls white people inhuman. When members of Congress were shot at and wounded by a leftist, Williams wrote an article entitled “Let Them Fucking Die.” He was briefly put on leave; then Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney and Trinity Dean and Vice President Tom Cresswell came to his aid and reinstated him.

–Sunken-chested George Ciccariello-Maher, a white Communist professor of politics and global studies at Drexel University, called for white genocide. Having been widely criticized, Ciccariello-Maher resigned from Drexel and was subsequently hired by the prestigious New York University, which is infested by Marxists. Ciccariello-Maher compared the American national anthem to—what else?—the Nazi salute.

–At St. John’s College in Santa Fe, one racist Maggie Reitz-Wells, working from the deadwood Office of Student Life, sent a system-wide invitation to attend an indoctrination group: “The main topic for discussion will be an ongoing one: How do we deal with the depravity of whiteness and the brutality of masculinity? How can we get to the root of this problem?” White participants would be encouraged to confess their crimes and overall “white depravity.”

–Recently hired Preston Mitchum, a law professor at Georgetown University, ranted that all white people are racist and all men are sexist. And for good measure added: “I really, really, really, really, really, really hate cops. Hate them. The power. The unfettered abuse. The narcissism. Hate, hate them.” When he next goes on a demonstration, expect him to carry one of those signs that says Love Trumps Hate.

–At American University, racist black students perpetrated a hoax of hanging bananas from buildings and reporting feeling threatened by the bananas. In response, the university banned white students from using the new “student lounge” after.

–Cornell University’s Black Students United made more demands. This time that a white fraternity be permanently closed and turned over to them.

–Having been fired by a racist black dean, a white Harris-Stowe State University professor was awarded nearly $5 million in a racial discrimination lawsuit.

Saida Grundy, a feminist sociologist of race and ethnicity at Boston University, has made a number of racist comments against whites; for instance, that white men are a “problem population.”

Piper Harron at the University of Hawaii wrote “I don’t trust white people” and “cis het white people need to lose more.”

–Fairfield University Associate Professor Kris Sealey spoke at a campus conference on race that ran from June 13th-16th; there, she urged students to devote time to solving the “problem that is whiteness,” reported The College Fix.

Kevin Allred, an appropriately named instructor at Montclair State University, proclaimed “there are no good white people. There are only less bad white people.”

Stephanie Behm Cross, another self-loathing white professor, at Georgia State University, wrote an article bemoaning the fact that her colleagues are not more active in admitting black and Puerto Rican students to the college, because their standardized scores are so low.

Stanford University will be offering a class on how to abolish whiteness.

Iowa State University offers scholarships to students—as long as they aren’t white.

–In a massive display of racism at the University of California-Berkeley, a large number of Mexican students refused to let Asian students and white students enter their classes. The Mexican students were not expelled.

–Sociologist Dae Elliott of San Diego State University offered extra credit to students who took a questionnaire to determine their level of “white privilege.”

Binghamton University offers a course entitled “Social Construct of Whiteness.”

–Interspaced between courses teaching Marxism, the University of Southern California offers a course entitled Critical Studies in Whiteness.

Portland Community College designated April as a month in which to shame white people. It was organized by white leftists.

–According to Portland State University Professor Rachel Sanders’ White Privilege course, whiteness must be eliminated. She, too, is lily white, which makes you wonder: What is this moron thinking?

Angie Wellman, Associate Director of Student Life Multicultural Center at Ohio State University, led the Interrupting Racism: Tips & Tools for White People event, where white students were essentially insulted and asked to own up to their white shortcomings.

–Cornell University’s Black Students United demanded that fewer black African students be admitted to the university.

–A conference on Critical Race Theory hosted by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis became an orgiastic expression of racism against whites by both blacks and white leftists. Among other things, it was declared that the concept of intellectual diversity was “white supremacist bullshit.”

–There is a movement afoot at Yale to “decolonize” the English Department by removing white authors such as Shakespeare, Poe, and Chaucer, because being exposed to those writers is harmful.

–Several teachers at various universities have openly made it a policy in their classrooms to discriminate against white men.

—In Britain, Lola Olufemi, Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s Officer, demanded that white British writers be replaced by black African writers.

–An unnamed professor stated in a YouTube video that he helped write the moronic Common Core in order to end “white privilege.”

Mind you, these are all leftists. Still, it is conservatives who are saddled with the label of “racist.”

The same college administrators who are shocked that a student or faculty member may question the value of, or the need for, “diversity training” see nothing wrong with racism directed at whites or Asians. It underlines how far the rot has set in that nowadays these racist statements and actions are considered routine, and in some areas of the country, normal. Such phenomena make for sickening reading. And no newspaper, no network news besides Fox, no politician, Democrat or Republican, brings light on these racists, nor starts a campaign to expel them. Likewise, the mainstream media has rarely shown blacks or Hispanics who are patriotic, conservative, anti-Antifa, anti-illegal immigration, or who support Trump.


[1] So, when my daughter, who is half-Asian and half-Cuban, applied to colleges with a 4.0 GPA, I ordered her not to put down “Asian” in the application, but to instead check "Hispanic"; again, bypass “Cuban,” I told her, but check “Mexican.” She got into college with scholarships. I will give the same suggestion to my son.