The Agonist Journal

Conservative Ballad

One fight and it's over.
How can love survive?
It does not, with her.
Cross her once, it's over.
She comes from royalty, no doubt.
One hint of disrespect
And she turns the traitor out.
Kill the children of your rival
So they cannot be king.
She is beautiful but ruthless
In everything.
I come from poverty and fighters,
Where all dogs bite,
And only the self-made fly.
Royalty, her cerebral children,
Must be American, or die.
You cannot loveā€”if you cannot fight.
She thinks she's a queen.
Beneath her fashionable taste,
There's no mind. Her jewels, a waste.
Expensive lessons are mean.
He loved her. Can she love him?
She took a child in her womb and tore it limb from limb.