The Agonist Journal

Sad Way

Sad way in the wind
and strange and smokey talk.
Tomorrow forge to love
where it’s cool to wade.

Summer Night

My longing around
young laughing women,
and later on my porch,
awful solitude—summer night.

Worthless Account

Laugh, O city;
the sea is full
to find out
worthless account.

Who Are You?

In the hot maelstrom,
the jackal of the darkness
and his friend are two.

Who are you?
Your life is strange.
Your blood is blue.
Your breath is black.

Freedom and Error

Freedom and error—plight
unregarded—hope irredeemable—
life unremembered.

Young People in this Land

Young people
in this land,
you should be
you should take
it is too late for the word
and too grave,
the world to come.


Endure. More
fruit here now,
the kind we
enjoy. Devoid
of not. More.


I should find—
heart slow,
eyes crossed,
spine arched—
I should find.

Tendered Fiber

Tendered fiber you guide
tonight there is
word we are
let in